United VARS

Successful global SAP implementation requires deep understanding of your industry, the business processes that make your organization run, and your various local business requirements. That means you’ll need a partner accustomed to working in, speaking the language of, and understanding the business culture of your locations. But that doesn’t mean you need to work with a firm focused beyond the needs of the middle market.

For mid-market enterprises with global SAP implementation requirements, United VARs is the answer.

United VARs (short for value-added resellers), is a global network of leading SAP partners around the world who share two key characteristics: excellent industry-specific SAP knowledge and extensive SAP experience. Today, United VARs encompasses more than 35 partners with operations in over 75 countries. Together, these partners have completed more than 300 international SAP implementation projects—and more than 8,000 projects collectively.

Simply stated, United VARs delivers one-stop support to global customers—from managing the international project teams to proposing standardized tools and monitoring best practices—coordinated by a lead project partner.

What can you expect working with United VARs partners to implement your SAP solution?

  • One project leader, with highly integrated international expertise on demand
  • Best-of-breed SAP strategy and skills—only local SAP leaders can become members of United VARs
  • Local business expertise delivered in the local language
  • Local services and support as needed
  • Best practices for intercompany and inter-country processes
  • Reduced travel expenses due to the presence of local consultants
  • Exchange of know-how, add-ons, and solutions
  • Consistent high quality due to standardized SAP methodology, industry templates, and best practices employed by all United VARs members

Answerthink and United VARs in action


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Answerthink is now a member of United VARs, an SAP Platinum Partner

SAP Platinum Partner

John McGrath, Principal