SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence provides intuitive and insightful business intelligence for midsized and growing enterprises, providing executives with the real-time insight they need to improve performance and become more effective at everything they do.

How can SAP Business Intelligence boost your organization’s collective IQ?

  • Understand, analyze and predict what is happening in your business
  • Break down information silos and increase collaboration with suppliers and among internal functions
  • Enable data self-service with easy-to-use interactive dashboards and intuitive drill-down reports
  • Improve forecasting and planning by using real-time enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to perform what-if analyses
  • Utilize SAP best practices building blocks technology to reduce the cost, time and risk of accessing SAP ERP data
  • Distribute information to those who need it – when and how they need it

How can you make the most of SAP Business Intelligence?

Answerthink® – a certified SAP Platinum Partner and services partner consistently recognized by SAP for outstanding service and the 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award recipient for Value-Added Reseller of the Year – can help.

  • We have the SAP experience and expertise that help you go live quickly and cost-effectively.
  • We customize SAP Business Intelligence to meet your unique information and operations needs.
  • We can support your SAP needs from end to end – selection, solution design, implementation, technology integration, SAP application management services, SAP hosting, training and user adoption, and more.

We have helped hundreds of growing companies gain value from SAP software, and we bring this cumulative experience and knowledge to each new project.