SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the new user experience of SAP software solutions. Using modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides a personalized, responsive experience across all lines of business, tasks, devices and deployment options.

How can SAP Fiori reinvent your SAP user experience?

  • Deliver a consistent experience across multiple devices
  • Achieve instant insight-to-action anytime and anywhere
  • Boost user productivity and satisfaction by making it easier for users to perform their jobs
  • Make the most of your SAP investments with lower IT costs

SAP SmartBusiness cockpits use SAP Fiori U to deliver real-time information and insight in one place, allowing users to analyze and evaluate strategic or operational key performance indicators with graphical visualization in real time and trigger the right action(s) by launching the respective transaction.

How can you use SAP Fiori to make the most of your SAP investments?

Answerthink® – a certified SAP Platinum Partner and services partner consistently recognized by SAP for outstanding service and the 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award recipient for Value-Added Reseller of the Year – can help.

  • Our SAP experience and rapid deployment options accelerate the time to value.
  • We can customize a solution that supports your organization’s unique needs.
  • We can support your SAP needs from end to end – selection, solution design, implementation, technology integration, SAP application management services, SAP hosting, training and user adoption, and more.

We have helped hundreds of growing companies gain value from SAP software and solutions, and we bring this cumulative experience and knowledge to each new project.

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