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EzCPG™ from Answerthink is a complete solution for small and midsized consumer products and goods (CPG) companies built on the world’s leading enterprise applications from SAP.

Designed to address critical consumer products industry challenges

Built on SAP’s advanced SAP HANA in-memory platform, EzCPG™ is a preconfigured, rapidly deployable SAP CPG software and services solution that helps consumer products enterprises address fundamental business and information technology challenges – from shorter product life cycles to pricing pressures and consumer safety concerns. With built-in best practices derived from working with the world’s most successful consumer products companies, EzCPG™ is uniquely equipped to facilitate:

  • Sustainable product innovation – increase transparency throughout the innovation process
  • Procurement – streamline sourcing operations
  • Agile manufacturing – optimize manufacturing capacity by rapidly translating demand signals into shop-floor orders
  • Real-time supply chain – increase visibility into demand to synchronize and collaborate across a global supply network
  • Sales and marketing – engage consumers with valuable information and offers tailored to increasingly refined segments
  • A platform and technology that enables growth – establish a flexible, scalable and cost-effective enterprise platform

Leading SAP CPG capabilities ready to deploy

EzCPG™ comes preconfigured with hundreds of industry-specific business processes, reports and business forms, along with predefined user roles and end-user training. All that adds up to a rapidly deployable SAP CPG-based solution that addresses your most critical challenges so you can focus on growing profitability in a tough and demanding market.

A certified SAP Platinum Partner, Answerthink can provide services for EzCPG™ from end to end – solution design, implementation, technology integration, SAP application management services, SAP hosting, training and user adoption, support for the SAP HANA platform, and more.

Solution Overview

With EzCPG™, Answerthink and SAP have teamed to deliver a rapidly deployable solution that allows consumer products enterprises to experience the visibility, integration and process support they need to grow profitably.

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