SAP Distribution

Built on SAP’s advanced SAP HANA in-memory platform, EzDistribution™ from Answerthink® is a complete solution for small and midsized wholesale distribution companies built on the world’s leading enterprise applications from SAP.

Designed to address critical wholesale distribution industry challenges

EzDistribution™ is a preconfigured, rapidly deployable SAP software and services solution that helps wholesale distributors address fundamental business and information technology challenges – from technology evolution to changing customer demands to increasing competition and new distribution models. With built-in best practices derived from working with the world’s most successful distribution companies, EzDistribution™ is uniquely equipped to facilitate:

  • Opportunity-to-cash – drive customer profitability with the right product and service offerings
  • Procure-to-pay – minimize supplier risk
  • Supply chain planning and execution – create transparent and highly responsive operations
  • Profitability optimization – focus on the most profitable customers, products and suppliers
  • Information technology and platform – enable a real-time enterprise and empower developers

Leading SAP wholesale distribution capabilities ready to deploy

EzDistribution™ comes preconfigured with hundreds of industry-specific business processes, reports and business forms, along with predefined user roles and end-user training. All that adds up to a rapidly deployable SAP-based solution that addresses your most critical challenges so you can focus on growing profitability in a tough and demanding market.

A certified SAP Platinum Partner, Answerthink can provide services for EzDistribution™ from end to end – solution design, implementation, technology integration, SAP application management services, SAP hosting, training and user adoption, support for the SAP HANA platform, and more.

Solution Overview

With EzDistribution™, Answerthink and SAP have teamed to deliver a rapidly deployable solution that allows wholesale distribution enterprises to improve operations and increase revenue.

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