A digital environment is changing the tools of the trade: Those with outdated technology will find it more and more difficult to gain from complex and enormous data sets. SAP HANA is a revolutionary platform well-suited for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications in the digital world. At its core is the SAP HANA database, fundamentally different than any other database engine on the market today.

How can SAP HANA help you operate a real-time enterprise?

  • Accelerate database processing for fast, real-time insight
  • Create next-generation applications that deliver the right information at the right time to business users
  • Deliver more intelligence for deeper insight into the past, present and future
  • Integrate large volumes of data from a variety of sources to unlock insights like you’ve never seen before
  • Simplify your IT environment with a unified yet open platform on premise or in the cloud

How can you make the most of SAP HANA?

Answerthink® – a certified SAP Platinum Partner and services partner consistently recognized by SAP for outstanding service and the 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award recipient for Value-Added Reseller of the Year – can help.

  • Our SAP experience and rapid deployment options accelerate the time to value.
  • We can customize an SAP HANA solution to meet your unique analytics needs.
  • We can support your SAP needs from end to end – selection, solution design, implementation, technology integration, SAP application management services, SAP hosting, training and user adoption, and more.

We have helped hundreds of growing companies gain value from SAP software and solutions, and we bring this cumulative experience and knowledge to each new project.

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