RISE With SAP: Add-On Packages Help Businesses Transform Finance and Supply Chain

Answerthink Marketing
May 09, 2024

SAP is continuously enhancing and expanding the utility of enterprise resource planning (ERP) through its robust suite of flagship solutions designed to meet the evolving requirements of global organizations. The RISE With SAP initiative extends this long-standing tradition, steering clients through their transformational path to the modular cloud ERP solution – SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition. This program delivers unwavering support and ongoing innovation.

The launch of RISE With SAP add-on packages for key business areas further enriches this offering. These packages enhance the comprehensive cloud solutions, infrastructure and services provided, forming a tactical toolkit for tackling unique challenges and seizing opportunities.

The initial offerings focus on finance and supply chain sectors tailored to boost critical operations – from digital banking and risk management to product life-cycle management and logistics – fostering greater efficiency, sustainability and growth.

Empowering Financial Operations for Business expansion

Financial management is vital for business growth. Within RISE With SAP, targeted add-on packages enhance capabilities specifically for chief financial officers.

  • Digital Banking: This package facilitates seamless interactions with customers, banks, and payment providers, adhering to the highest security standards, streamlining transactions, and integrating payment processes with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.
  • Treasury and Risk Management: Gain confidence in investing, borrowing and hedging with a comprehensive solution that integrates smoothly with trading platforms, enabling strategic, real-time financial decisions.
  • Financial Three Lines of Defense: This package prioritizes standardization and automation for enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance, and auditing, improving response times and visibility into compliance and control effectiveness.
  • Billing and Revenue Innovation Management: Accelerate revenue from new business models and complex billing scenarios, supporting everything from subscription management to high-volume customer billings.

Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience

A resilient and sustainable supply chain is critical for modern businesses. RISE With SAP’s add-on packages set a robust foundation for these capabilities.

  • Advanced product life-cycle management: Enhance collaboration and decision-making across all stages of product development, speeding up time to market.
  • Advanced supply chain planning: Automate and optimize planning processes with AI-driven insights to quickly address disruptions and shortages.
  • Advanced logistics: Implement best-practice logistics strategies to reduce costs, prevent stockouts and ensure timely deliveries.
  • Advanced manufacturing: Boost manufacturing efficiency with automated and flexible processes that enhance risk resilience and sustainability.
  • Advanced asset and service management: Revolutionize maintenance and service with AI-powered technologies for strategic asset management and optimized field operations.

Driving Future Success With Digital Integration

RISE With SAP is not just a pathway to transitioning from on-premises ERP systems to the cloud but a transformative influence redefining business futures. With meticulously developed add-on packages for finance and supply chain challenges, SAP is poised to be a strategic partner in driving new levels of efficiency, resilience and growth for its customers.

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