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The EzCommerce® Suite by Answerthink is an SAP-certified application suite for business partner interaction. It connects customers, suppliers and trading partners in real time to facilitate sales orders, requests for quotes, purchase orders and customer and supplier self-service processes.

Strengthen customer and supplier relationships; optimize the profit potential of your business value chain

EzCommerce Suite connects seamlessly to your existing enterprise software systems and consists of individually deployable Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)-based business application components. EzCommerce components encapsulate various business processes and transactions for:

  • Sales order management
  • Direct material procurement
  • Supplier management

These components vastly simplify and accelerate creation of enterprise applications, enabling more efficient and cost-effective system deployment.

EzCustomer Interaction Solutions

EzCustomer Interaction opens your back-end business processes to customers, partners, or sales personnel—securely:

  • Customers can place orders and check current inventory information. Robust B2B capabilities can even integrate your systems with your customers' procurement applications for real-time sales-order creation.
  • Business partners have secure, reliable and personalized access to catalogs, order status and information, and ATP, as well as the ability to place orders online.

EzSupplier Interaction Solutions

EzSupplier Interaction enables integration with suppliers around the world, creating virtual shop floors without compromising your system security or integrity:

  • Strategic suppliers can access material resource planning (MRP) data for direct material procurement so they can plan for production capacity. ERP-generated purchase orders are sent to suppliers' order-processing systems to create a real-time sales order.
  • Suppliers can view details of their purchase orders and payment status on a 24 x 7 basis.
  • Buyers and strategic suppliers can use EzSupplier's negotiation mechanisms to finalize purchases.

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EzCommerce® Suite

Optimizing Value Chains Across the Extended Enterprise

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