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SAP Business ByDesign combines your essential business areas, including marketing, HR and procurement in a comprehensive, standardized solution environment. The solution also provides the flexibility needed to adapt, enhance and expand your business areas quickly.


  • Gain transparency across business areas to realize further improvements, reduce costs and optimize business.
  • Adjust and expand business processes quickly and cost effectively.
  • Develop new markets to reap the benefits of local and global business.
  • Collaborate efficiently among your employees, partners and customers.
  • Accelerate innovations throughout your company based on solid insights for long-term competitive advantage.


  • Optimized financial process
  • Focus on customers in marketing, sales and distribution, and service
  • Promotion of employee potential through HR and self-services
  • Systematic project management
  • Integrated production and logistics in supply chain and manufacturing
  • Intelligent purchasing support
  • Compliance with applicable laws and standards


  • Fast implementation of integrated business functions at a reasonable cost
  • Adaptation to new industry demands and activities without business disruption
  • Ability to take quick action on market trends and opportunities through greater transparency across business areas
  • Fast, efficient adaptation and expansion of business processes without additional, costly IT support

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP system designed for the middle and upper range of the SME market, as well as for subsidiaries of large enterprises in a two-tier ERP scenario.

SAP Business ByDesign in action

SAP Product Road Map – SAP Business ByDesign

Product road maps are designed to support the product adoption planning activities of SAP customers. A product road map helps a customer match short term and long term goals with technology plans.

Solution in Detail – Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

A Comprehensive Cloud Business Solution for Small and Midsize Companies.