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About Us

Answerthink is a leading business and technology consulting firm that enables companies to achieve world-class business performance levels and realize greater return from their SAP investments.

Founded in 1997, Answerthink is a division of The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, and leader in best practice advisory, benchmarking, and transformation consulting services, including shared services, offshoring and outsourcing advice. Utilizing best practices and implementation insights from more than 11,000 benchmarking engagements, executives use Hackett's empirically based approach to quickly define and prioritize initiatives to enable world-class performance.

The Hackett Group has global offices in the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ as HCKT.

To reach world-class business performance levels and realize greater return from their SAP investments, top companies implement best practices in conjunction with their technology initiatives. With the latest SAP releases configured to Hackett-Certified™ Practices, your firm can start realizing the benefits of significant cost and performance improvements in the very near term. Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) can also benefit from a best practices approach since Answerthink is a leading SAP Software Reseller and Technical Support Provider to the SMB marketplace.

Updating Processes to Best Practice Standards

Because today's business applications are flexible, it's imperative to simplify and automate processes to meet best practice standards before new technology implementations and upgrades are completed. Otherwise, old, inefficient processes will simply be automated and continue to drive up costs, cycle times, and error rates. Answerthink's specialists have completed detailed fit-gap analyses of all SAP modules and understand their ability to support best practices. We have developed application-specific tools, implementation guides, and process flows that allow us to configure best practices directly into SAP applications without customization. Answerthink uses a blended off-shore delivery model that is unique in the industry. This model utilizes our Global Delivery Center where highly qualified developers from off-shore, as well as domestically, work together with our business application experts at your location to deliver lower cost, real-time ERP best practice solutions to your organization.

Generating Value

Answerthink can help clients generate more value from SAP systems because of our knowledge of best practices in finance, HR, supply chain, CRM, portal and web services. Our approach maps world-class business performance characteristics to specific application features and requirements for key processes and modules, including:

  • Finance: business analytics, strategic enterprise management, general ledger, order and project accounting, product and service cost calculation, budgeting and forecasting
  • HR: HR analytics, employee relationship and transaction management, benefits administration, compensation and payroll, time management, legal reporting
  • Supply Chain Management: exchanges and portals, supply chain design and planning, supply chain event and performance management, collaborative procurement, manufacturing and fulfillment
  • CRM: marketing analytics, campaign and lead management, account and contact management, call centers, pricing and configuration, customer care, help desk, contract management
  • Enterprise Portal: collaboration, knowledge management, infrastructure management, security and personalization
  • Web Services: integration of multiple applications, proactively design of a scaleable enterprise infrastructure using the SAP NetWeaver platform

Answerthink offers a complete set of implementation services centered on deploying a SAP-based solution that meets the unique requirements of your business environment and industry. Our SAP specialists, averaging nearly 10 years of experience with certifications in both the functional and technical areas, provide the framework and guidance necessary to perform the following services for a SAP application:

Diagnostic Assessment
  • Gap analysis of where you are with your systems/operations and where you would like to be in the short and long term
  • Development of a roadmap and business case for improvement by applying best practices
  • Detailed benchmarking of processes, organization, information, and technology that pertain to the designated functional areas
  • Written details on the requirements and actions that need to be taken to improve performance and reduce costs by applying best practices
Package Implementation/Upgrades
  • Transition and integrate SAP system within functional areas such as Finance, HR, Procurement, and CRM
  • Implement SAP system with designated best practices
  • Upgrade existing SAP system to required specifications
Post-Deployment Diagnostic
  • Quarterly review of SAP application and processes
  • Recommendations on process changes in relationship to future changes in service delivery
  • Review of updated best practices and how they apply to current system and operations
Global Delivery Center
  • Functional and technical post-implementation services
  • Custom development of reports, interfaces, conversions and enhancements

Answerthink Advantage

Answerthink's BPSG capabilities include business applications implementation and design, technology integration, and offshore application maintenance and support. Answerthink is your ideal partner to select design and implement SAP solutions that support Hackett-Certified™ Practices. LEARN MORE

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